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Munich – The Allround City

In Munich, it’s the mix that makes the message. Old meets new, past meets present and future, the modern blends harmoniously with the traditional, bits and bytes with beer, business and leisure. For the visitor, there is a never ending shortage of sights to see or activities to engage in.  
The Bavarian Metropolis with its 1.3 million inhabitants lies virtually at the centre of Europe and is easy to access, either by high-speed trains, by motorway, or through a large international airport. 
Year after year, Munich takes gold in German city rankings. When asked where they would prefer to live, most Germans say Munich. The reason is simple: a magic combination of a vigorous economy and top-notch leisure time activities and outstanding cultural offerings. Three world-class orchestras, countless concert venues and a host of festivals ensure a constant flow of music of all styles. The city also has a wide array of museums, notably the three Pinakothek art museums exhibiting fine arts and graphic arts from six centuries all located within walking distance. Completing these three cultural giants is the newly-opened Museum Brandhorst that features modern art. Science and technology have a worthy home in the Deutsches Museum on the Isar River. 
Two of the best universities of Germany are located in Munich: the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, established in 1472, and the Technical University Munich, established in 1868. There are also a lot of scientific institutions in the capital city of Bavaria: For example, the headquarters of the Fraunhofer Society and the Max-Plank-Society, as well as the Bavarian Academy for Advertisement and Marketing, the private Munich Business School and the Munich University of Applied Science. 
Last but not least Munich is a shopper’s paradise, with fine fashions, designer outlets, venerable department stores, antique shops and excellent bookstores. And while on the subject of food, when it comes to eating or just taking a break, visitors will find establishments offering every type of fare imaginable and for all budgets. The best place to enjoy typical Bavarian cuisine, a most natives of Munich will tell you, is at one of the city's lively beer gardens, the ideal place to meet old friends and make new ones. 

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